Why Has My Prepaid2Cash Account Been Disabled?

Why Has My Prepaid2Cash Account Been Disabled?

If you receive an email or error message that your account has been disabled, it’s likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • Duplicate Account

Prepaid2Cash users are only allowed to have one active Prepaid2Cash account. If we find that you have created multiple accounts, we will disable duplicate accounts.

  • Account Phone Number

If the phone number you used to create your Prepaid2Cash account is not your mobile phone number, your account will be disabled. All Prepaid2Cash accounts must be tied to a valid US mobile phone number. 

  • Suspected Fraudulent Activity

If we detect possible fraudulent activity on your Prepaid2Cash account, or any activity that violates our terms of service, we will disable the account.

In order to eliminate fraudulent activity, the Prepaid2Cash team is unable to communicate with owners of fraudulent accounts. We will not honor any requests for details on the fraudulent activity or any requests to activate the disabled account(s).

If your account was disabled due to duplicate accounts, please reach out to us at support@prepaid2cash.com and we will be happy to provide information about which account remains active. We can also help with updating the account email address or phone number if needed.

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