Should I Link My Bank Account Using Plaid? What Is Plaid?

Should I Link My Bank Account Using Plaid? What Is Plaid?

You can manually enter your bank account information into the Prepaid2Cash app or select Connect Bank Account to use Plaid to enter your bank credentials. This will connect the bank account to your Prepaid2Cash account. Connecting your bank account through Plaid ensures that your bank information is correct and that you will receive your payments without unnecessary delays due to incorrect bank account information. Here is more information about Plaid:
  1. Plaid is a technology platform and financial service provider that enables you to obtain information from your online bank, investment, and other accounts, and transmit that information to financial apps like Prepaid2Cash
  2. When you link your financial account to Prepaid2Cash using Plaid, Plaid encrypts that connection end-to-end, and your credentials are never made accessible to Prepaid2Cash
  3. Plaid is also used by companies like Venmo, Robinhood, Coinbase, Betterment and Acorns just to name a few
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