Is Prepaid2Cash Available Outside The United States?

Is Prepaid2Cash Available Outside The United States?

Unfortunately, Prepaid2Cash is not available outside of the United States at this time.

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    • Can I Use Prepaid2Cash Outside Of The United States?

      At this time, we only serve customers who reside in the United States and we cannot accept international transactions.
    • What Are Prepaid Cards?

      Prepaid cards are broadly defined as any network branded (Visa, American Express, Mastercard or Discover) card that contains a stored balance. These cards are commonly referred to as “open-loop cards” because they can be used most places where the ...
    • Do You Accept Prepaid Phone Cards?

      No, Prepaid2Cash does not currently accept prepaid phone cards because the stored value is related to minutes and not cash. At this time, Prepaid2Cash accepts prepaid cards which contain a network branded logo (Visa, American Express or MasterCard) ...
    • Starting Your First Prepaid Card Transaction

      To start a new transaction, click on the New Transaction button on the bottom of the user dashboard. On the next screen, select Prepaid Card. This will bring up the Prepaid2Cash card scanner, that uses your mobiles device's camera to scan your card. ...
    • How Much Does A Prepaid Card Transaction Cost?

      Prepaid2Cash is the lowest cost and fastest delivery option possible for obtaining cash for your prepaid cards. Pricing is based on how fast you would like your funds delivered. See below for our current delivery options and their respective price: ...